Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Creative with Postage

Why not get creative with your postage? I love the look of multiple vintage stamps on an envelope. There are several ways to find vintage postage. If you are looking to pick and choose yourself, ebay is a great place to find stamps. Remember to search under "Unused United States Stamps". If you need someone to help you, Verde Studio and The Paper Nickel will curate vintage postage for you.
{Paige used a combo of Vintage Horse, Love, and Texas stamps}
{Via Verde Studio}
{Via Verde Studio}
The above were our designer, Emma's wedding invitations. She used a mix of the current king & queen stamps, vintage cactus stamps, vintage love stamps, along with other vintage stamps. She found all of her vintage postage on ebay and the others she ordered from USPS.com.

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